Location Partner Love ❤

by Tara Clever
Location Partner Love ❤


How do we love our location partners?

Let us count the ways.

You are the physical embodiment of our mission. Your diverse and vibrant communities are the essential ingredients in spreading health through delicious delivered meals. You are some of the most passionate and driven people we have ever met, working tirelessly to bring wellness to your communities and we are so grateful to be a small part of the magic you are making.

You bring people together through movement, events and community. In a fast paced world where connection can be hard to come by, we see you and we appreciate the work you’re doing. We love being a part of this goodness in any way we can. We can bring food, gifts, prizes or smiling faces to the mix.

You make hard things easier with programming that brings people together around changing their lives and diets. We love supporting nutrition challenges, Whole30 or any community program. Tag in our team of nutrition professionals to help develop content, education and even special discounts!

You help us give back. With every order that comes through your fridge we work with Feeding America® to rescue 1.2 pounds of food. Fighting food waste is a the center of what we do and with each meal we are able to help rescue food and get it to those who need it. Learn more about our efforts here.

You are building a community around intentional eating. With every meal that is picked up within your four walls, every conversation in your lobby, every referral or any time your Movement Makers show us love, you are growing the Territory tribe. We believe in the transformational power that exists at the intersection of nutrition and movement, and for so many this journey begins with you.

So from all of us at Territory, thank you for the life changing work you are doing, and for letting us join your community.

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