Our Summer To-dos: What We’re Working On, Part Deux

by Robert Morton
Our Summer To-dos: What We’re Working On, Part Deux

Nothing fuels the engines ‘round here more than dialogue with the folks we serve. So, I’m pumped to share the 2nd rev of our, “here’s what we’re working on to make things better” update. And the more input the merrier — please fire away at ideas@territoryfoods.com or join here if you’ve got some to share!

Our first rev on this front kicked off about 2 months ago. So, before the look ahead, a quick recap of what got done in these past few months (influenced in a big way by react from the customer community, love it!).

Live and ready for use:

  • Better pausing — easier to skip weeks when you need to, and now an indefinite pause option for when you need a break of uncertain length.
  • More menu flexibility/smartness — we added a way to have your weekly menu suggestion pull from all menus with the No Preference filter. This new “suggest from everything” approach is also tied to a recommender we’re working on to make the suggestions we start you from each week, more closely match your wishes and preferences.
  • If you’re intrigued and your preferences allow for starting from our broader no gluten or dairy ingredients foundation, click Your Order, then Manage Order to give it a try.
  • We’ve also launched a quick taste preference quiz folks can cruise through to give us some taste profile direction. You can try it here.
  • Thumbs up, down AND now a “meh” option for reviews — The review makeover continued with the addition of the third “meh” option, in between thumbs up and down, that many of you asked for. Also added the ability to say “don’t send me this again” on individual meals.
  • Live chat support — made the move to a new support platform which allowed us to turn on live chat. A few expected bumps in the transition road (thanks for your patience), but pumped about this new avenue for supporting you.
  • Home delivery next rev — we’ve transitioned to a new packaging solution that removes some of the hassles associated with bags and ends up an improvement on the sustainability front as well.

And on to what’s on the workbench for the summer:

  • Weekly meal quantity flex — Excited to work on this ability for you to easily dial up or down the meal quantities you get when your week ahead calls for it. For example, folks tell me… “Robert, I get 5 meals a week, I really wish I could get more some weeks when I need them, or maybe dial down one week when I’ve got a bunch of work lunches out, without having to change my meal plan.” We got you. Coming soon!
  • Additional home delivery window — for folks where delivery during the day would be more convenient.
  • Phone/text support — continuing the push that started in spring with live chat, adding more ways for you to reach us when you need us.
  • Menu expansion — All the above is in addition to our evergreen push to keep expanding the variety envelope across the menu. Both in terms of new meals and deeper support for various dietary approaches (like Keto where we’ll be piloting an expanded menu, starting in Los Angeles/SoCal this summer).

There’s a good list, too of less outward facing stuff that, while not sexy, definitely makes things smoother all around. Those, and the big rocks above, all pointed at the same north star of helping you get into — or keep rolling with — a good groove on the healthy eats front.

As always, fire away with input. Got something you don’t see here that you think should be on the list? Or context you’d like to share from your experience in any of these areas? Let it fly at ideas@territoryfoods.com.

And a final invite if you’d like to be in on the design phase before things go live, join our merry band of concept testers— we call it the React Crew. 150+ good souls already on board (thank you!) who weighed in with awesome input that found expression directly in the latest capability upgrades that are now live.

Happy summer,

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